Both elegant and sporty, the Casablanca collection recalls the mysteries of far-away places and becomes the supreme traveller’s watch; with it the spirit of time sets sail. Designed in the beautiful lines of the Cintrée Curvex, with its harmonious curves, the Casablanca collection recalls the sober and classic refinement of the inter-war years. Its art deco design is perfectly adapted to the wrist of the modern man whose taste tends naturally towards simplicity, elegance and casualness. Its self-winding mechanical movement, with a platinum rotor, ensures optimal rewinding and performance in all circumstances. Last but not least, this “All Black Version” highlights the sporty mood of a collection that is considered to be one of Franck Muller’s timeless creations.



The Cintrée Curvex™ is the iconic shape of Franck Muller. Thanks to its perfectly curved case and unique contours, the Cintrée Curvex is the brand’s most distinctive silhouette. The unique and gorgeous numeral design is also what makes the Cintrée Curvex immediately identifiable. With its elegant cases, stunning dials and highly-complex movements, Franck Muller is very proud of all its timepieces. They are true examples of vibrant and sophisticated designs that have timeless elegance.



Conforming its reputation of Master of Complications, Franck Muller has produced an extraordinary collection of wristwatches known as Crazy HoursTM. This collection is the realization of a completely new approach to the concept of time. Indeed, the Crazy Hours displays the hours on the dial in a completely different order and every 60 minutes let yourself be surprised by the fascinating jumping hour hand. To read the time, simply follow the number that the hour’s hand indicates, while the minute’s hand follows a traditional 60 minutes cycle.



Elegant, sporty and innovative, the Gold Croco, Iron Croco and Black Croco are harmonious timepieces. The case and even the dial seem to be an extension of the alligator strap, thus creating a disconcerting uniformity. The Gold Croco is made of a solid mass of 18k rose gold, the Iron Croco is made of stainless steel, and the Black Croco features a black PVD treatment on a white gold or stainless steel case. The case as well as the dial are entirely milled to create the most realistic scales aspect similar to the beautiful alligator straps used by the brand. This touch of originality highlights the sporty mood of the collection that is considered to be one of Franck Muller’s most innovative creations in terms of design. 



The Gothique model is both unusual and refined, featuring the contrast between black and white. This unique and original timepiece embodies the brand’s values of independence, freedom of expression and creativity.This highly inventive collection will captivate all generations of men and women who have a real penchant for distinctive creations.



Eye-catching distinctive marine symbols such as the wind rose and compass have been thoughtfully placed for dramatic effect on the new black or white Cintrée Curvex shaped dials. The Mariner displays hours, minutes, seconds and the date at 6 o’clock. 



The Master Banker has been created for businessmen who are constantly on the move. It concentrates on the essence of complications and offers three different time zones adjustable with the same crown. This apparently simple feat is actually very dif cult to implement through the same crown. This achievement relies on the fact the movement composing the Master Banker has been designed from the ground up and thus required several years of development. Finally, to complete the series, the Master Banker is also available with a gorgeous moon phase or a breath-taking tourbillon.



The Master Calendar, a magnificently clear and attractive interpretation, which symbolises Franck Muller’s full calendar complication. This collection features both old watchmaking design references and more avant-garde precision techniques.



Franck Muller presents the Master Date collection, a phenomenal union between complication and restraint. Franck Muller offers a new date interpretation with the help of the ‘Master Date’ model. This timepiece displays hours, minutes, a large date, the days of the week and small seconds, the latter two at 6 o’clock, in a harmonious and balanced way. This line will find its place on the wrists of men and women whose values tend towards restraint and just a hint of originality.



Double Heure Retrograde is a dynamic and lively model thanks to its purely marvelous hands. The minutes take the usual place of hours, and night and daytime hours are separated into two semicircles, black and white respectively.



The Secret Hours embodies the inventiveness and ingenuity of Franck Muller, and allows time to be suspended until its owner decides otherwise. This mysterious model tells us the time thanks to its push button positioned at 9 o’clock. Activate it and the time appears. Release it and the time becomes secret again! Only the Secret Hours could celebrate that well the innovative spirit of Franck Muller.