Franck Muller’s 25th-anniversary party was an event which provided an opportunity for sharing the valuable quarter of a century for the brand and was filled with the desire to have the guests examine their own “precious moments ” as they felt the many items that made them ponder upon the relationship between man and time.

The venue “Akasaka Prince Classic House” is the distinguished, renovated former Akasaka Prince Hotel, which is a listed tangible asset of Tokyo. The western-style building in the Tudor taste, with distinctive arches, was meticulously created by builders with an imperial warrant. The contrast generated by the timber in beige and seal brown, and the numerous decorative details within make it is an exclusive special venue with an air of calm and elegance which give the impression of Franck Muller Watchland in Geneva.


The exhibition space on the first floor of the manor containing exhibits covering the 25 years in 10 rooms welcomed the guests. They were drawn into an ingenious world of beauty, which started with Franck Muller’s masterpiece collections and the renowned “Cintrée curvex”. Franck Muller’s idea of lending an elegant design and a unique story to a watch – an inanimate object – later progressed to “Casablanca” and “Long Island”. The guests were next greeted by “Franck Muller Jewellery”, which is about infusing the philosophy of time contained within a watch into jewellery. The sparkle of the ornaments embellished with the iconic Byzantine numerals, which are also used on the watches, transported the beholder to moments of bliss.

The further innovations of Franck Muller, the new WPHH 2017 collection and the 25th-anniversary model, to mark the occasion of the anniversary were exhibited in the “VANGUARD” room. The latest collection unveiled in January at WPHH 2017 in Switzerland was shown in Japan for the first time. The 25th anniversary model of “Cintrée Curvex”, which is synonymous with Franck Muller, was amongst the exhibition. A reproduction of the original model “2851”, which was released when the brand was founded in 1992, and the playful “Cintrée Curvex 25th anniversary” with an elegantly formed case and ceramic Byzantine numerals attracted attention. An extensive array of models created in just the last three years was exhibited in the “VANGUARD” room, which adequately conveyed the allure of the futuristic, new generation of the Cintrée Curvex Watch.