Making a Movement

The Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar, an empiric complication, is manufactured entirely in-house. Beginning with hundreds of technical sheets for all the components, the components are then manufactured, delicately decorated and perfected before being incorporated into this exceptional movement.

Making a Dial

Franck Muller dials are manufactured entirely in house at our factory located in Les Bois, in the Jura. The artistry and talent behind a Franck Muller dial is incredible. Creating a dial is an extraordinarily delicate and time consuming process. Each dial needs 20 layers of lacquer and requires a drying period of one hour for each layer. The emblematic sun burst also makes Franck Muller dials instantly recognizable. Finally, the carefully hand painted Luminova numerals complete the work of art.

Making a Case

Franck Muller cases are manufactured entirely in house. They are stamped at our factory in La-Chaux-De-Fonds and then delivered to Watchland in Geneva for completion. All cases are artisanally polished by hand. Also, diamond cases require an incredible amount of time and mastery to accomplish, particularly with the Cintrée Curvex where it is very difficult to hand-set the diamonds along its curves.